Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Living for Something More

Being on who notices negative comments more than most I have noticed that some seem to get to a point in life where they seem to have nothing to live for. Most often, family is gone, their health may be dwindling, and they find joy in very little. This is quite depressing because it does not have to be this way. When someone decides to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior from sin they are deciding to live for a relationship with God. People who begin this relationship, at any point in their life, are promised a rich life. John writes in John 10:10 (NIV) that “the thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” They are also promised deliverance and purpose in Psalms 50:15 (NIV) which says, that if they “call upon Me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you shall glorify Me.”

With that said, spiritual growth truly starts with a relationship with God. It starts with asking God for His forgiveness and is then fueled by love on both ends. After all relationships are two way streets. This relationship, though, truly gives hope to those who feel as if they have nothing left to live for.

Friday, February 25, 2011

The Emerging Church By Dan Kimball

After I read Dan Kimball's book, The Emerging Church, I decided that I wanted to know what my spear of influence knew and thought. Here are a few of my thoughts on Kimball's book, please expand my view by commenting what you have discovered.
I found it interesting that Dan Kimball pointed out at the beginning of his book that there is no specific model to the emerging church. It reminded me of the Pharisees and how in their reform back to the law they made a model. Their model was full of added regulation and rules, and although their intent was good they went about the wrong way of following the law. I point this out because there is often a similar essence to the emerging church movement, yet Kimball acknowledges this in the beginning of his book like a disclaimer, or warning.
As I continued to read I noticed how repetitive this movement is of historical reforms. This is strongly echoed through Sky’s story in chapter 1 and the references like that of Plato’s cave in chapter 4. The thing that all reforms have in common though is change. Change happens through generation for many reasons and that is described through postmodernism. Reform, or change is definitely a great thing and has a great purpose especially in light of sharing the Gospel. You can do things differently and share the same message. Change, in regards to Christianity, only becomes a problem when the biblical message is changed. I would agree with Kimball when he says that, “a high value is placed on personal preference and choice, as opposed to predetermined truth.” It is because of that statement that there is a problem with the Post-Modern perspective.
However, I also want to point that Kimball also acknowledged the opposite as well. As one does grow up placing that value on personal preference they relate and learn according to it as that is what they know to do. This in turn does not mean that they will ignore the predetermined truth, but that they recognize it in a different way. This also means that they desire to worship and seek God in different but still biblical ways.
As I wrestled with the book I noticed a lot of different things. Interesting, and confusing things. In spite of this I noticed one more thing. This sense of togetherness, due to the search and confusion many individuals face in light of Christianity, becomes a key factor to the emerging church. This is not so much relationship as it is being apart of something with others. Whether this is being involved in a worship service or small group there is something profound about the encouragement offered when we are a part of something together.
As people who were created to worship God we will always seek to do just that. Just as the Pharisees tried to ‘get it right’ so will we. The emerging church is doing that and this will be successful base not on a number or other measurements but how successful it is in capturing the hearts of God’s created children and bringing them into a relationship with them.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

God Is


Is Redemptive
His Love Abounds

His Majesty Prevails

His Grace Renews

His Worries are None

His Power is Enough

His Forgiveness is Eternal

In the midst of busy month I found myself reflecting this morning on all the things God has done. All of the big and small. In worship later I noticed how great God is. Not the God I make him to be but the one True God can take the smallest thing, a caterpillar for instance, and turn it into something amazing, a butterfly.

The beauty behind God hands is very humbling. When I think that God created me to fit perfectly into his enormous plan is unfathomable. Then, I realize that the moments in which I see God's hand the most is when personal abilities are either laid aside or given to God.

In the spirit of thanksgiving: What has God done recently that you are thankful for?, How is God humbling you today?, or Has he shown you mercy, grace, love, or healing?

(Consider sharing it with me and others through the comments or email me!)

With Joy,